#My100DayArtJournal,  #The100DayProject

Sketching, doodling, and asking what you see…

Continuing to catch the words up to the images in my daily art, my first art journal, as part of #The100DayProject. Follow me on Instagram to stay up-do-date with my art-ing. And TAKE TIME TO BE CREATIVE. I’m learning how important exercising creativity is to my well-being. For me, art is self-care. We’re wired to create, to make. Sometimes cooking and baking can have a similar balancing effect as my creativity that’s meant to more specifically be “art.” Here’s a look at a few more pages from #My100DayArtJournal. Enjoy!

Trying to sketch something different. Without being able to erase. 😳

14/100 of #The100DayProject

100 days of creativity… For me it’s in my first art journal.

And, to be honest, this was attempt number two. Its scrawny predecessor remains on its page.

My 15/100: Fun with acrylic paint left in brush after another project, on newsprint. It didn’t need any other scraps to be a picture I like. 👍

I see a storm. I enjoyed reading responses to “What do you see?” and share a few…

I see the cliffs of Ireland

I see a prehistoric dinosaur ready to breathe fire

A cat with a fur hat! (I love your art! ) ❤

A large cliff at first then a big storm cloud with rain coming down.

The jaw of a shark or large fish.

I put on some random music… and doodled.

Snippets of lyrics included.

One hundred days of creativity.


Here’s the story… I started with the foreground shape, which made me want to make it a wing. So, in theory, this piece is On the Wing… Above the Storm. But it looks rather more like some type of waterfowl in silhouette against a body of water full of massive koi and miniature whales, with a stormy sky over the far shore…

I see whales and turtles frolicking freely in the vast ocean….

Nice… I love feedback…


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