How it is.
How it was.
At least how I see it.


How it is.
How it was.
Bigger picture.

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  • Stories Not Meant to Be Read

    Stories Not Meant to Be Read

    The spinning thoughts. The emotions that need to be acknowledged, given space, then released. My words-upon-words is perfect for that.

  • Serendipity


    She wasn’t the dragon I thought I remembered. Nor was she a sea serpent. She was brave and kind. She was Serendipity. And gained riches she didn’t seek… Sometimes the best things aren’t the ones we think we want, the ones we pursue, but those we come across doing what needs to be done.

A couple more places I put my words…

Fruit of Brokenness

I was broken. But God brought me through.

Fruit of Brokenness: Where Mental Illness & Faith Collide

Life is… interesting.

Some of the things I’ve learned, seen, heard, tasted, and read, for you to enjoy, too.