peony sketch
#My100DayArtJournal,  #The100DayProject

Peony Process

Peony… from a photo… from my backyard…

52/100 of #The100DayProject

Maybe I’ll add color tomorrow…

I did!

Added color… Not quite right, and the picture doesn’t quite capture what I have in my journal… but 52/100

Another peony, with less than awesome results, but, hey, it was still worth taking the time for today’s art…

54/100 of #The100DayProject

Previous (and Preferred) Cut-Paper Peonies…

May 10, 2021

Took some time to art today 🎨🖌️😊

January 10, 2022

Art-ing again. 😊 Finally back to cut paper. After eight months, I’ve made Peony #2. Appropriate activity for a snow-day evening in International Creativity Month. 😉
I paint my own paper, too, which is FUN. 🖌️😁

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