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Words… Pictures… Emotions


Doodle journaling… journal doodling. Capturing thoughts and feelings. Most of the images in my new art journal have words attached; this one contains them. Some I’m sharing here. Some I’ll keep to myself.

I’m enjoying a little book called Other-Wordly: Words Both Strange and Lovely from around the World. This is the word that inspired Yee-Lum Mak to compile it. And, well, here’s a glimpse of how the word hit me. The word and Amos Lee’s new album.

Feelings shouldn’t be ignored.

But they shouldn’t be allowed to dictate.

Sometimes we need to take a few moments to honor them so they don’t fester, and so we can release another piece of them, to live free and full, larger than our feelings, our pasts, and our circumstances.

7/100 of The 100 Day Project, My 100 Day Art Journal

"OTHER-WORDLY started when I stumbled across the Portuguese word saudade: 'the love that remains'; a longing for someone or something that you had loved and then lost."
Yee-Lum Mak, from the introduction
She should have a name. Or at least a title. All I know is that the wind is at back, and she's looking toward what's ahead... 6/100 of The 100 Day Project, My 100 Day Art Journal.

She looks…

alive and feeling to me… Wind at her back.

I just love love this simple simple piece and how it came out.

Working with acrylic-painted fingerpaint paper I had experimented with for hair, and then with a few other colors.

6/100 of The 100 Day Project, My 100 Day Art Journal

A little fun…

Working on a special cut paper project, and doodle-journaling in my art journal…

Thinking about COLORS and SHAPES, and how I put them TOGETHER to make PICTURES. I love working with cut paper… that I paint.

5/100 of The 100 Day Project, My 100 Day Art Journal


Playing with unaltered scraps from my sunflower piece sold at the 6×6 fundraiser, and positive and negative space.

4/100 of The 100 Day Project, My 100 Day Art Journal


The above-mentioned sunflower I donated to the 6×6 fundraiser at my local art center, and was so excited to have sell.

Acrylic-painted hand-cut paper art.

Sunflowers have sadly become even more meaningful since this was made, donated, and sold.

The couple…

I made this for my daughter-in-law’s birthday in February. She and my son celebrated their first anniversary in January. This piece is the special project mentioned above. Acrylics-painted hand-cut paper portrait.

You can read more about what The 100 Day Project is here. Creativity is important, but it’s easy to forget that, to let all the other stuff get in the way. But it’s worth taking time for; you’re worth taking time for.

Aaaaannndddd… the disclaimer. The links to Yee-Lum Mak’s Otherwordly are Amazon affiliate links. If you follow them to Amazon and make a qualifying purchase, I will receive a small commission as an Amazon affiliate. This does not affect your price, but you painlessly provide a few cents to support my blogging habit. So, thank you very much if you do.

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