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One Hundred Days of Creativity

It was the perfect time to stumble across a challenge to make a daily practice of creativity, at least for 100 days. My chosen project: binding and filling my first art journal.

I participated in a drawing class off and on, mostly off since 1998, at a nearby art center. After my brain went sideways, I realized how helpful the process of drawing something, of creating something… helped.

But there’s always something more important, more productive, isn’t there? If I couldn’t keep up with the things that needed to be done, I couldn’t just waste time making art, right?

Yeah, that…

But the thing is, if I almost always put off taking time to be creative, I cut myself off from something that balances me. I cut myself off from something that makes me healthier and better able to take on the rest of life with greater equanimity.

And who doesn’t need that?

So. Here I am. The 100 Day Project. Joining with people all over the world to create. Every day. For 100 days.

Binding the first signature of my first art journal: 1/100. Sunday, February 13, 2022.

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