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Making the Most of Dark… and Scraps

More #The100DayProject art fun. 82-85/100. Paper scrap and white pencil play on the green ends of a sketch-paper signature of #My100DayArtJournal. I definitely prefer the heavier watercolor pages of most of the journal over sketch, and they don’t require what become inner covers. But the color is fun to have sometimes.

A closer look at 84/100.

My favorite of the four.


Click to see where the colored paper came from.

More with the purple and yellow leftover.

I uploaded the photograph and played with the shapes in Procreate, too. Here’s one colorway of a repeating pattern I made with them.

Here are a couple more #My100DayArtJournal small-art pieces I played with digitally:


Abstract Delphinium

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