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Welcome to… Me?

It’s like a new, blank notebook. Putting together It’s been an interesting year so far. Writing-wise. Well… can’t say that there haven’t been interesting things going on in the rest of my life. But this one is almost all positive.

Started getting back into fiction. Which led to poetry. And prose poetry? Deepening of my personal writing to personal essay. Memoir-esque. The OC87 Recovery Diaries Write on the Ocean came along at just the right time.

So, here I am. Doing more with my words. Sending them out. Maybe I’ll keep you posted on rejections. Definitely acceptances. Figure out what I don’t want to put too much of on here, lest I can’t submit it for publication elsewhere…

Here’s the thing… I like who I am now. I’m comfortable in my own skin. Though I would like to take off the few pounds I’ve gained back. I look fine head-on, but in profile… that pooch… Yeah, I’m laughing. Could do without the wrinkles, but there’s not much I can do about them. And I am 46 for crying out loud. Can’t deny that I still feel a little sinking in my gut when I see women my age, or older who are more toned and/or smoother-skinned. But… still… so much more content with myself… especially fully-clothed… but what’s up with my elbows?!?

But, boy, am I rambling…

Any way, Welcome Welcome to just a bit under the surface of me.

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