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Express yourself with collage… because we are BETTER WITH ART

Welcome to Better With Art! I’m Melinda and I’m here to encourage you to reclaim your creativity and practice creative self-care with weekly small-art prompts that can be done in an art journal or on paper if you don’t have one. Link below for my favorite if you’re looking for one. It works well with the dry, wet, and layered applications I use it for.

This week we’re using the papers we made last week to create unique collages. If you missed it, click here to hop back and join me for some color therapy!

I LOVE color! And last week’s paint session was amazingly therapeutic. Mentally, emotionally, AND physically. Which I mentioned on social media, and a bit more in my weekly email, and also tell a bit about in today’s video.

If you’d like to extend the week’s theme with journaling prompts and other creative self-care inspiration, click below to sign up for Better With Art emails.… You’ll also receive a link to join the private Better With Art Facebook group.

This week’s small art is great to spend time with. As much as you’d like, but it also works if you only have a few minutes. All you need are pretty papers (that I hope you were able to paint yourself), your art journal or heavy piece of paper if you don’t have one, and a glue stick. Scissors are optional.

Links to art journal and other materials below the video.

Materials used in this video

This list contains affiliate/associate links.

Click here for my top value-for-the-money recommendation if you’d like an art journal to get started with my simple form of art journaling. I use it in my prompt videos, and for the art journaling groups at the library where I work. I LOVE the paper. If searching for something different remember the paper needs to be heavyweight and preferably hot-press because although I love the texture of cold-press it’s really hard on markers and pens. This one is 140lb/300gsm.

I don’t typically use glue sticks outside of my art journal anymore, but click here for the Elmer’s washable disappearing purple that are still my favorite.

I didn’t use them much in the video but I LOVE these scissors. I bought a two-pack several years ago when I worked in a preschool. And did a lot of cutting. A lot. Click here if you’re interested.

The Liquitex Basics acrylic paint colors I used last week to get these colors were quinacridone magenta, phthalo blue, cadmium yellow medium hue, and Payne’s gray.

I typically get my Liquitex Basics from Blick Art Materials, as they usually cost less there, and here’s the link.

There is usually a minimum order for free shipping, so here’s the link to the Liquitex Amazon store if have Prime or just prefer Amazon.

If you use any of my Amazon links and make a qualifying purchase, I will make a small commission as an Amazon associate. This does not affect your price, but supports my sharing my healthy art habit with others. So, thanks if you! The same is true of my Blick links as a Blick affiliate. Link to more details on right side of page.

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