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Color and FLOW: Practicing creative self-care with simple art-making

Welcome to Better With Art! I’m Melinda and I’m here to encourage you to reclaim your creativity and practice creative self-care with weekly small-art prompts that can be done in an art journal or on paper if you don’t have one. Link below for the art journal I use in these videos if you’re looking for one. It works well with the dry, wet, and layered applications I use it for.

This week we’re using colored markers for a new type of flow-inspiring line-making I saw on Instagram. You can check out more from _wizart__ by clicking here.

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And click here for my top value-for-the-money recommendation if you’d like an art journal to get started with my simple form of art journaling. I use it in my prompt videos, and for the art journaling groups at the library where I work. I LOVE the paper. If searching for something different remember the paper needs to be heavyweight and preferably hot-press because although I love the texture of cold-press it’s really hard on markers and pens. This one is 140lb/300gsm.

In this video I also use markers from my BIC Intensity Permanent Marker Coloring Bundle. Click for link.

If you use any of my Amazon links and make a qualifying purchase, I will make a small commission as an Amazon associate. This does not affect your price, but supports my sharing my healthy art habit with others. So thanks if you do!

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