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COLOR THERAPY! Take a paper-painting art break with me… with a little bit of color theory

Welcome to Better With Art! I’m Melinda and I’m here to encourage you to reclaim your creativity and practice creative self-care with weekly small-art prompts that can be done in an art journal or on paper if you don’t have one. Link below for my favorite if you’re looking for one. It works well with the dry, wet, and layered applications I use it for.

We’re not using our art journals this week, but painting papers to be used next week. Near the beginning I share a color-mixing tip I learned not too long ago on YouTube from an artist whose name I can’t remember. I tried to track down the video but failed to do so. If I come back across it, I’ll share.

More simply watching my process in this video than I intended. So if you like watching someone just create, the second half of this video is for you. My goal became to leave not places where the white paper showed through.

I will say that this paper-painting session was amazingly therapeutic. I need a reset like this from time to time. Probably more often than I have the time. I didn’t realize how much more relaxed my body was when I finished, or how much less joint discomfort I was in until my right shoulder gave one of it’s grindy twinges when I was picking up a big clump of grassy weeds I’d just pulled out of the ground.

Take time for art, Friend. It’s not a waste of time.

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Click the titles below for the 52-Week Art Journal Journey cut-paper prompts mentioned in this week’s video:
Week 16: Our Patchwork Lives
Week 23: A Page from Eric Carle’s Books

And click here for my top value-for-the-money recommendation if you’d like an art journal to get started with my simple form of art journaling.
I use it in my prompt videos, and for the art journaling groups at the library where I work. I LOVE the paper. If searching for something different remember the paper needs to be heavyweight and preferably hot-press because although I love the texture of cold-press it’s really hard on markers and pens. This one is 140lb/300gsm.

Materials used

I typically get my Liquitex Basics from Blick Art Materials, as they typically cost less there. This is a link to all they carry.

There is usually a minimum order for free shipping, so if you prefer shopping on Amazon, click here to visit the Liquitex Amazon store.

Various paintbrushes. Use what you have and what works for you.
Here’s a link to the big one from the video, my FAVORITE, mostly for laying down large areas of color, Simply Simmons XL number 50 from Blick Art Materials.

plastic palette knife
silicone pastry brush

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