Better With Art

Make fun art with me! Sometimes we just need to laugh…

I really liked Andrea Nelson’s snails this week on Instagram. Thought about making them for this week’s prompt. But decided to go with something that seemed simpler, but also had some fun color-mixing and layers.


Couldn’t get moving.

Scrapped it… at least for now… and went back to Andrea’s watercolor blob snails.

Except that’s not quite how it went either! But is IS fun, relaxing, colorful watercolor blobs.

Welcome to Better With Art! I’m Melinda and I’m here to encourage you to reclaim your creativity and establish a healthy habit of creative self-care with a weekly small art prompt that can be done in an art journal or on paper if you don’t have one.

If you’d like to start my simple form of art-journaling but need a journal, click here for my top recommendation. I use it in my prompt videos, and for the art journaling group at the library where I work. I love the paper, and it holds up well with wet, dry, and layered mixed media. This is an Amazon affiliate link. If you click and make a qualifying purchase I will make a small commission that does not affect your price but gives me a few cents to support my encouraging people to make art, so THANKS! if you do.

This week’s video is a bit of a train wreck. But that’s okay. If you take your creative self-care art too seriously it will feel like a chore. It’s okay to be a bit ridiculous. And it’s okay to make art you’re not too sure about.

Make some colorful watercolor blobs. Let them dry or make them dry. Then make them into SNAILS with personality… or TURTLES with mad gymnastic skills… or whatever else those little blobbies tell you they are.

Or just make more blobs.

Do what works for you.

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