A Story: From Once Upon a Time Until The End

I’m telling a tale on Vocal again. And I’ve entered it into their short fiction contest. My stories still aren’t what I hope they’ll be. I’m still working on the craft. And it makes me sick to my stomach to hit the publish button… particularly because it also means I’ll have to promote the story to people I know. It means opening tender parts of me to not just observation but judgment. I’d much rather share reality. Somehow that’s easier. It may not make sense to everyone, but sharing stories I try to craft feels more personal than sharing my struggles with mental illness, or my weaknesses, or experiences. Anyway…

Maybe it’s a fairy tale. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s both. What happens to a young woman when she’s saved from her once-upon-a-time fate? And can the brother left behind reach the end without her?

Of course I asked Claire to read me the story. My eyes are not what they used to be, and I would take no chances. I am grateful that there are still enough kind people who make allowances for the old, and a few who genuinely enjoy us, who believe we have something to offer, something they can glean from our many years. The best I can do is advise them to make the most of whatever life brings, even if I rarely say it outright. But those who take the time to listen, hear…


Each read is appreciated. I earn a fraction of a penny for every read (when someone spends enough time, not just clicks), and, as this is part of the fiction contest, every interaction helps if things are close.

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