52-Week Art Journal

Week 33: Translucent Acrylic… Lines and… CATS!

Week 33… I had a few ideas for this prompt. And was really enjoying the acrylic paint… scraping. But things just weren’t coming together for a prompt or video. Usually when I stall it makes space for something else flying in. And then I swing back around… except for a few things I still don’t know what to do with… the project that left me hanging becomes a later video. But that AHA! inspiration never hit. And I ran out of time. So I ran with what I had. Though it didn’t feel much like I was running at first. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy this small art, and I’ve had fun with it, but I still don’t really feel like I’ve gotten the hang of it, and want to do more of it. And I started the voiceover with no idea where I was going, no idea where I’d end up with a journaling prompt.

But here we are. As I type, it’s 12:13am on Sunday, August 13. I’m waiting for the video that is supposed to go live at 3:00 to finish uploading. Technically this post should go live at 6:00, but that, my friends, is highly unlikely.

But I haven’t been late with a video yet, and I’m not starting this week! Well, barring any more unforeseen glitches…

….and now, the video is scheduled… and I am going to bed… If you got my last email you know I know that’s an important thing to do… and tomorrow night, which is actually tonight… will be earlier to bed… but you won’t be reading this until at least tomorrow anyway… well, again, back to it actually being today on the clock…

Good morning, Friends… Well… I did a lousy job describing in words this acrylic-paint process in the video. And my brain isn’t any more equipped to make it sensible in words this morning. So we’re back to another prompt in which I say… you’re better off watching the video…

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