In the Middle, Words and Life

My words, like my life, are somewhere in a vast middle. Where do I go from here?

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Burning Words

Words… So many words. Heavy. Laden with the weight of… me… What could I do with them?

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Pen to Paper

Pen to paper. Or pencil to paper. Or fingers to keyboard. That’s the important thing, right? At least that’s what she said. And she should know. She teaches this stuff…

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A Porch, an Oriole, and a Comment… Yes, I AM a Writer

Who knew that taking to Facebook to share my pleasure over a surprise visit by an oriole would lead to one of those compliments a writer loves.

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Welcome to… Me?

It’s like a new, blank notebook. Putting together It’s been an interesting year so far. Writing-wise. Well… can’t say that there haven’t been interesting things going on in the rest of my life. But this one is almost all positive…

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